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GMetrics - Ant Task


The GMetrics Ant Task is implemented by the org.gmetrics.ant.GMetricsTask class.

The Default MetricSet

If no MetricSet is configured for the GMetrics Ant Task, then it uses these default Metrics:


Attribute Description Required
metricSetFile The paths to a Groovy MetricSet DSL file. By default, the path specified is relative to the classpath, but it may be optionally prefixed by any of the valid prefixes, such as “file:” (to load from a relative or absolute filesystem path), or “http:”. If not specified, it uses the set of Metrics defined by the Default MetricSet. No

Report Nested Element

The <report> nested element defines the type and options for a report. It includes a type attribute and contains optional nested <option> elements.

Attribute Description Required
type The fully-qualified class name for the report class. This class must implement the interface. Yes

Option Nested Element

The <option> element is a child of the <report> element and defines a report-specific option for a report. See the Example below.

Fileset Nested Element

At least one fileset nested element is required, and is used to specify the source files that GMetrics should analyze. This is the standard Ant FileSet, and is quite powerful and flexible. See the Apache Ant Manual for more information on FileSets.


Here is an example Ant XML build file.

<taskdef name="gmetrics" classname="org.gmetrics.ant.GMetricsTask">
<target name="runGMetrics">

    <gmetrics metricSetFile="config/metricset.groovy">
        <report type="">
            <option name="outputFile" value="SampleGMetricsReport.html" />
            <option name="title" value="Sample" />
        <fileset dir="src">
            <include name="**/*.groovy"/>


Things to note: