The GMetrics project provides calculation and reporting of size and complexity metrics for Groovy source code. GMetrics scans Groovy source code, applying a set of metrics, and generates an HTML report of the results.

This project is maintained by dx42


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Running and Configuring GMetrics

You can run GMetrics using the supplied Ant Task.

Define the metrics to calculate by Creating a MetricSet.

There is also a Grails GMetrics Plugin and a Griffon GMetrics Plugin. And the Sonar Groovy Plugin uses GMetrics for its calculation of Cyclomatic Complexity for Groovy source code.


Total and average values for the following metrics are provided:


GMetrics provides the following reports:

Or Create a GMetrics Report with XSLT.


GMetrics requires:

Getting GMetrics from the Maven2 Central Repository

For projects built using Maven, GMetrics is now available from the Maven Central Repository.